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Conversation courses in Berlin

Conversation courses at Sprachenatelier Berlin

Improving your foreign conversation skills: In the conversation courses at Sprachenatelier Berlin you'll find we really strive to make spoken language an integral part of any language course, as well as reinforcing and going over the most important grammar rules.

As a basis for this course a range of learning and teaching materials will be used such as original literary texts, press articles as well as internet resources, songs, and films.

Course content includes revisiting difficult grammar rules, working on different texts, a variety of communication based games and films. The aim of this to encourage conversation on a wide range of topics based on current text materials while also covering and revisiting important vocabulary and grammar.

The selection of conversation topics are based on student preference. The language level for conversation courses is A2/B1.

The teaching methods we use here at Sprachenatelier will of course also be used in the conversation courses.


Overview of the language courses at Sprachenatelier

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German B2 Courses in Berlin

You can attend German courses at B2 level either through our intensive courses or our evening courses. Our B2-German courses – whether job orientated, in preperation for exams or with a focus on studies – run all year round and allow for flexible booking. Learn German the fun and effective way- with ...

Evening German courses in Berlin

Evening German courses at Sprachenatelier Berlin are individually tailored to match the requirements of the student, whatever they might be.