Konversationskurse Berlin Sprachenatelier

Conversation Courses in Berlin

Conversation Courses in the Sprachenatelier

Improve your language skills through speaking! In the conversation courses at the Sprachenatelier Berlin we emphasize spoken language, while simultaneously practicing and reinforcing important grammar.

Original texts from newspapers, literature and internet, as well as songs and movies (particularly movie scenes) serve as the basis for the conversation courses.

Course content includes practicing important grammar, working with many different kinds of real texts, various communication games and selected movies. The goal is to be able to have meaningful and varied conversations based on the texts and movies. Grammar and vocabulary will be intensively reinforced as needed.

The conversation topics in this courses will heavily be determined by the wishes of the participants. The level for the conversation language courses is A2/B1.

As with all courses at the Sprachenatelier, various methods (games, songs, etc.) are also utilized in the conversation course.