Deusch B2 Sprachenatelier

B2 level German courses in Berlin

Learn German B2 in our intensive course (high intermediate level)

By choosing to do a B2 level German course at Sprachenatelier, you will gain a very high level of German language capabilities. Using the framework of the European Reference System for Speaking, we always guide our teaching according to the most up to date standards and in accordance with any new methodological and didactic developments in foreign language teaching. German B2 courses are taught in a specifically communicative approach. Through this oral approach, grammar will be introduced step-by-step and practised systematically.

In-person or online German intensive courses at levels B2

  • Lessons per week
    on-site: 16 - 20 x 45 min.
    online: 12 x 45 min.
  • Group size
    on-site: 6 - 14 students
    online: 6 - 12 students
  • Course start
    on-site: possible every Monday  
    online:  possible every Monday 
  • Days
    on-site: Mon - Thu
    online: Mon - Thu
  • Time
    on-site: 9:30 - 13:00 or 13:30 - 17:00 pm
    online: 9:30 - 12:00 or 13:30 - 16:00 pm  book here!
  • Course levels
    online: B2

Which skills will I gain from a B2-level German course at Sprachenatelier?

Understand concrete and abstract themes of complex texts and understand technical - discussions in specialist subjects.

Express yourself so spontaneously and fluently that a regular discussion with a native speaker is possible without any great strain for both sides.

Express yourself clearly and in great detail on a wide range of topics, illustrate opinions on current issues and provide a variety of possible pros and cons.

At this level, you will deal with themes such as work and study, health and nutrition, environment and healthcare, culture, communication and media, friendship, sport and nutrition, body and health, feelings and relationships, industry and politics, social engagement, complaints and trade and stock exchange.

Among other things, you will also learn to express and justify assumptions, hold professional telephone conversations, lead job interview discussions, make solution recommendations, assert conditions, counter arguments, interpret opinions, understand and write official language, draw up cover letters and CVs, understand slang terms - and much more!

What can I do with a certificate in German level B2?

Prepare oneself for a study placement in Germany.

Prove advanced German language abilities on a CV or job application.

Prove German speaking knowledge upon relocation.

Prepare oneself for an occupation in medicinal professions in Germany.

 Confirm certification of an internationally recognised certificate, level B2 German.

Which teaching methods do we use here at Sprachenatelier?

A dynamic, communication-based teaching approach.

A focus on the regular practice of the aspects learnt in class.

German will be the primary language of education, right from the start.

Development evaluation of our pupils through regular speaking tests and regular feedback from the teacher.

Role plays and other direct conversational methods as well as visual elements which help give the student a feel for the German language.

Our native speaking teachers provide an authentic feel for the German language and are trained and experienced to teach in motivational, creative and open ways.

The four basic skills (speaking, writing, listening and reading) will all be taught, with speaking skills divided into two sub-skills: taking part in conversations (interactional speaking) and speaking coherently (transactional speaking).

Why should I choose Sprachenatelier?

More than 15 years of teaching experience.

A professional written and oral placement test (free).

Acquisition of a globally recognised and official telc-Certificate.

Qualified and engaging teaching staff.

Flexible and varied teaching times: morning, afternoon and evening.

Choice of online or in-person study.

Option of 1 on 1 tutoring.

‘Friday social’ event every fortnight.

Regular meetups, including a weekly sightseeing tour on Wednesdays.

Free culture program with a variety of recommended activities.

Free help with finding accommodation.

A central institution location, easily reachable and in the heart of the vibrant and buzzy Friedrichshain Bezirk.

At the end of the German level B2 course, you will be able to sign up for a telc-Exam at Sprachenatelier Berlin and receive an internationally recognised certificate for German B2.