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Intensive Courses

German intensive courses

  • Intensive German courses in Berlin

    Intensive German courses at our language school range from Beginner's level (A1) to Advanced (C2), in both the mornings and afternoons.
  • German Summer Courses in Berlin Germany

    We offer a variety of cultural and sightseeing activities alongside your German language course to ensure that you have a great experience while in Berlin.
  • Beginners German Language Courses in Berlin

    Start learning German correctly with our German courses for beginners in Sprachenatelier Berlin.
  • Our Teaching Method for German courses

    The pedagogical methodology at Sprachenatelier Berlin draws on the contemporary approaches to second-language acquisition taught at German universities and more directly on the experiences and ideas of the 50+ German teachers currently working at the institute. In lieu of a homogeneous, and thus restrictive, method teachers are actively encouraged to share their ideas and experiences as input for a best-practice approach to lesson planning ...

German Exam Dates in Berlin

Here is all the important information about the following TELC German Exams at Sprachenatelier- Berlin: 20.+21.03.20, 15.+16.05.20

February 26th, 2020

Ostbloc Boulderhalle