Photo Courses in Berlin Sprachenatelier

Photography courses for beginners and advanced

at the Sprachenatelier Berlin

If you want to use your digital SLR camera, learn all its functions and improve your eye for photography, then this course is for you!
The main goal of the beginner course is to increase creative interest in photography and to understand and internalize the technical side of manual functions. In the advanced photography course, students will deepen their knowledge of photographic technology and internalize the various possibilities of manual operation.

Lessons will take place in the beautiful Salon in the Sprachenatelier, or outside, so that you can try out what you have learned on the camera right away. Our photography instructors are happy to help you with any questions you may have about photography.

  • Lectures per week
    1 x 135 minutes

  • Group size
    4 - 10 students

  • Course duration
    6 classes

  • Day

  • Time

  • Course levels

Course content

for beginners
, shutter speed and ISO number as well as white balance, measurement methods, focal lengths
Handling of the built-in flash and various lighting aids
Homework includes still life, portrait or open ended assignments on certain topics
Image composition
Introduction to digital post-processing, understanding the histogram, and black and white conversion

for advanced
Digital editing
Theoretical understanding of the contemporary photography scene
Critical eye
Skills to work professionally on projects

For the course to begin, we required registration of at least 6 students.
Bring with you: an SLR camera!