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German Courses with Accommodation Help

Accommodation - Learn German in Berlin

Sprachenatelier offers registered German course students assistance in the search for accommodation, often in an apartment, a room in a shared apartment, a hotel or a hostel.

Please note that we can only offer our students assistance with their search for an accommodation if they are at least 18 years old.

Prices for a room in a shared apartment vary between 300 to 500€ per month, depending on the size and furnishing of the room. Although we do our best to fulfill the accommodation requirements of all of our students, it is important for course participants to note that early registration improves the likelihood of finding the desired form of accommodation.

Hostels are the best accommodation for short durations (less than one month), as they are inexpensive, starting at 10€ per night.

Staying with a host family in Berlin is a good option.


Hostels and hotels in Friedrichshain

In the Friedrichshain district there are many hostels within reasonable distance Sprachenatelier and can reached by foot or public transport.

Around the school you can find lots of cafés, restaurants, bars, shopping facilities, clubs and sights, e.g. the famous East Side Gallery.

Sprachenatelier Berlin recommends the following hostels located close to the school:

  • All In Hostel: this hostel is 10 minutes on foot away from the school. It has 500 beds: it offers a bed in a dormitory from 10 €, but also single or double room from 40 €. The hostel's services include breakfast, Wi-Fi, TV-Lounge, billiards and table-tennis.

  • The Sunflower Hostel: The Sunflower Hostel is 20 minutes on foot away from Sprachenatelier and has very good transport connections. There are different room types from dormitory with 3 to max. 8 beds, to single or double rooms, to apartments. This hostel offers, among other things, breakfast, Wi-Fi, bike rental, bar and 24h-reception.

Other hostels in Friedrichshain are for example:

Hotels & Hotels in Kreuzberg
Hotel die Fabrik The special hotel in Berlin-Kreuzberg

Student-shared flat

Another form of accommodation for students who wish to have daily contact with other (especially German-speaking) people is to rent a room in a shared flat (Wohngemeinschaft - WG for short). Berlin WGs vary greatly in occupancy—from two to 20 housemates. Whether it's sharing breakfast, cooking, talking or partying, a room in a shared flat provides students with opportunities to socialize in German and is a good option for a long or short stay.
Berlin also has an array of city magazines and daily newspaper which list room and apartment rentals. The current monthly price for a room in a shared apartment ranges from 300 to 500 Euros.

On the Internet you can find "WGs auf Zeit" on the following pages:

WG-gesucht.de I WG company I Studenten-WG.de

Host family

Accommodation with a host family is a popular option among our students from abroad who come to Germany for a language course or for a school exchange year. A host family offers you your own comfortable room, a nice family who will make you feel comfortable and at home.

Coming to Berlin

Coming to Berlin is really cheap!
There are quite a lot of airlines providing cheap flights to Berlin:

Air Berlin I Easyjet I Ryanair I Hapag-Lloyd Express I Eurowings


Advice and information

Sprachenatelier will be back in June - by phone and on site, for advice and information. Monday to Friday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Notes on COVID-19

Dear course participants, dear prospective customers, Sprachenatelier goes online!

Gift vouchers for language courses

Here at Sprachenatelier we offer gift vouchers for our courses, as incredibly useful gift ideas for anyone looking to learn a new language. The vouchers can be used on all of the language courses we offer at the school depending on the availability of spaces on the course.

German Exam Dates in Berlin

Here is all the important information about the following TELC German Exams at Sprachenatelier- Berlin: 13.+14.11.20, 04.+05.12.20, 22.+23.01.21, 19.+20.02.21, 19.+20.03.21, 16.+17.04.21, 14.+15.05.21, 11.+12.06.21, 16.+17.07.21, 20.+21.08.21, 17.+18.09.21, 12.+13.11.21, 03.+04.12.21