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Bildungszeit (formerly Bildungsurlaub) - German for the workplace

On site

For your Bildungszeit (formerly Bildungsurlaub) we offer job-related German language courses with 30 hours per week. Our language courses are recognised by the Berlin Senate Department in accordance with the Berlin Bildungszeitgesetz [BiZeitG] and the Brandenburg Weiterbildungsgesetz [BbgWBG]. As an employee, you can apply for time off from your employer for the duration of the course.

Enhance your German language skills in a recognised job-related language course!

Contents: Office communication (telephone, e-mail, conversations with colleagues); job search, application, job interview; holiday and overtime regulations; gross/net income, salary, commission and wages.

  • Lessons per week
    30 x 45 min.
  • Group size
    3 - 5 students (mini group)
  • Course duration
    2 weeks
  • Days
    Mon - Fri
  • Time
    1.15 - 5.45 pm
  • Course levels
    A2/B1, B1/B2, B2/C1

Important Notices

Placement test:

In order to register for study leave with your employer or the HR department, you should usually submit the certificate of recognition and the schedule. In order to be able to send you the right documents, your German language skills must be assessed.

If you are unsure about your level, you are welcome to take our placement test so that we can place you in the right level. The test can also be taken online.


For the Bildungszeit (formerly Bildungsurlaub) "German for the workplace" you have to pay the full course fees of 530 euros for registration.

Once you have registered by paying the course fee, we can send you a personal certificate of registration, which you will probably need for your employer.

Further Information

What exactly is Bildungszeit:

After more than 30 years, the Berlin Educational Leave Act has been replaced by the Educational Time Act.

"Bildungszeit" is the legal entitlement of employees in the state of Berlin to paid time off from work to participate in recognised continuing education events. The legal basis is the Berlin Educational Leave Act [BiZeitG] in the version of 05.07.2021 (GVBl. p. 849).

Bildungszeit was previously called "Bildungsurlaub" in Berlin and is known as "Bildungsfreistellung" or "Arbeitnehmerweiterbildung" in other federal states.

Ten days within two consecutive calendar years are available for political education or professional development or for qualification to perform voluntary work. The leave of absence allows participation during working hours, while the salary continues to be paid.

The use of educational leave/educational time enables employees to engage in continuous professional development. Training leave is thus an attractive and contemporary instrument for meeting the requirements of lifelong learning and represents an important competitive and locational factor for companies". (Berlin Senate Administration)

Dates Bildungszeit (formerly Bildungsurlaub) German

  • On-site Course Dates:
    11.03.24 - 22.03.24
    03.06.24 - 14.06.24 
    15.07.24 - 26.07.24 
    19.08.24 - 30.08.24
    21.10.24 - 01.11.24
    18.11.24 - 29.11.24
  • Online Course Dates:
    Currently no course offerings!

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