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German courses in Berlin - Learn German

Learn German in-person or online at levels A1 - C2

What type of German courses do we have on offer here at our German language school?

Our language school is here to make your learning experience as easy and accessible as possible. No matter where you are based or how busy your schedule may already be, Sprachenatelier language school will cater for your specific learning desires.

Here at Sprachenatelier language school, we offer both intensive (morning and afternoon) and evening courses, available either on-site or online. Our German courses also have a variety of lengths, so you can study for as little or as long as you want!

If it's an intensive learning experience you’re after, our intensive German courses run 4 days a week, either in the morning or in the afternoon.

If you have less time, but still want to learn German, don’t worry! You can still choose to learn German twice a week through our evening German courses.

Here at Sprachenatelier, we also offer individually tailored private German lessons. Whether in-person or online, you yourself can determine the number of hours per day, duration, learning pace, and desired content.

We also offer a range of subject-specific courses adapted specifically for a range of study-specific German exams. Whether you need German to practise medicine or complete a nursing qualification, Sprachenatelier is here to help.

What level of German will be taught at our language school?

Sprachenatelier Berlin offers German courses for all levels: from beginner (A1) to advanced (C2), we have the right course for anyone and everyone interested in learning German. After a free placement test and a quick chat, we will help you find the perfect German course for you.

Here at Sprachenatelier, we aim to help you the best we can with regards to exams and qualifications. Whether a beginner Level A1 or an advanced Level C2, we here at Sprachenatelier will help you attain your desired German qualification. Check out our ‘Exams’ page to find out more.

When can I start a new German course?

As soon as you want! Simply follow this process:

  • Find what type of German course best suits you (intensive, evening, private or specialist classes)
  • Choose whether you’d like to study online or on-site
  • Read through our ‘levels’ that we offer, from A1-C2, and choose the level you believe to be best suited to your current level of German

Book a slot!

  • After a free placement test and oral test (both available online), we will, if necessary, redirect you by helping you find the best level for you and your needs.
  • Start your course!

Course options for our German courses

If you want to learn German quickly and effectively, one of our German intensive courses is the perfect choice. The Sprachenatelier offers German intensive courses at all levels - from beginner (A1) to advanced (C2).

Four days a week, these German courses provide intensive training in conversation, grammar, vocabulary, listening and writing. Our qualified and committed German teachers ensure optimal acquisition of vocabulary and grammar in small learning groups, as well as communication practice based on topics from everyday life, work, art and culture.

The German intensive courses are available both online and on-site. Furthermore, you can choose between German intensive courses in the morning or in the afternoon.

In-person or online German intensive courses at levels A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2

  • Lessons per week
    on-site: 16 - 20 x 45 min.
    online: 12 x 45 min.
  • Group size
    on-site: 6 - 14 students
    online: 6 - 12 students
  • Course start
    on-site: possible every Monday  
    online: possible every Monday 
  • Days
    on-site: Mon - Thu
    online: 4 days/week
  • Time
    on-site: 9:00 - 12:30 or 13:30 - 17:00
    online: 9:30 - 12:00 or 13:30 - 16:00
  • Course levels
    on-site: A1 - C2
    online: A1 - C2

In summer (July and August), our morning intensive courses are called summer courses and include a range of exciting cultural activities in addition to German lessons.

Our special German Intensive Courses for Work are recognised as Bildungszeit (formerly Bildungsurlaub) in accordance with the Berlin Bildungszeitgesetz [BiZeitG] and consist of 30 lessons/week.

If you already have previous knowledge of the German language, we will conduct a written and oral placement test to find a suitable entry level for you. You will automatically take the placement test as soon as you have registered for a course with previous knowledge.

Learn German while working or studying:

No time during the day, but you still want to improve your German language skills? German Evening Coursesonline or in person – are our alternative to intensive courses.

Our German evening courses are individually tailored to each class, helping enhance your language abilities through a personalised training program. With the latest methods and teaching materials, combined with highly qualified, experienced teachers with degrees in German as a foreign language, you will see results in no time!

German evening courses at levels A1 - C2

  • Lessons per week
    on-site: 4 x 45 min.
    online: 4 x 45 min.
  • Group size
    on-site: 6 - 14 students
    online: 6 - 12 students
  • Course start
    on-site: every 2nd week
    online: every 2nd week
  • Days
    on-site: Mon+Wed or Tue+Thur
    online: Mon+Wed or Tue+Thur
  • Time
    on-site: 6.00 - 7.30 pm
    online: 6.00 - 7.30 pm or 7.40 - 9.10 pm
  • Course levels
    on-site: A1 - C2
    online: A1 - C2

In private lessons, the focus is on you and your goals! Online or in person, you yourself can determine the number of hours per day, duration, learning pace, and desired content. Using the latest methods and teaching materials, combined with highly qualified and experienced teachers, such tailored German lessons will lead to rapid success.

The placement test at the beginning gives the teacher an exact idea of your current language level, allowing them to work with you to develop your individual and tailor-made training program.

Contents and methodology: - perfecting oral or written skills - understanding - listening / reading – language production - speaking, talking on the phone, writing - vocabulary in a professional context

  • Starter pack 
    10x45 min. (=5x90 min.)
  • Group size
    one or two people
  • Course start
  • Days
  • Time
    flexible Book now!
  • Course levels
    A1 - C2

Learn German online now - live and with experienced language teachers. All levels from A1 (beginners) to C2 (advanced).

Learn German wherever you feel comfortable. You will learn German online on the computer, tablet or smartphone with experienced, native-speaking teachers in a virtual classroom. Whether in private lessons or in a group course, no matter where you are, our online German courses make it possible!

Personal support and effective teaching material are also a staple of our online classes.

Benefit online from our native-speaking lecturers‘ experience, stemming from many years in a physical classroom. Experience creative, lively and well thought-out lessons on screen, in which you can learn German online with other students.

Whether you live in Madrid, São Paulo, Cairo, Rome, New York, Frankfurt, Zurich, Tokyo, Istanbul or Paris, our online language school will come to your home.

  • ✓ Live language lessons online
  • ✓ Including online placement test
  • ✓ Individual or group lessons online
  • ✓ Experienced native speakers
  • ✓ All levels (A1-C2) as well as German online for companies
  • ✓ telc certificates: exam preparation courses
  • ✓ Online guidance
  • ✓ Teaching materials are made available digitally

Who should take our German Placement test?

  • If you don’t know which German course (at which level) is right for you
  • If you would like to attempt a German course but have not taken any German courses at Sprachenatelier before

Not sure how good your German is? Not sure if you are level A1, B1 or C1? Find the right German for you with our free Placement Test!

Please take the test without help and at least 2 weeks before the start of your German course.
The written Placement Test has 50 questions and at the end there is a short writing exercise. In total the test will take around 15-20 minutes. There is always only one correct answer per question. Careful - you cannot go back and correct an answer after you have clicked ‘next’. After the written test you can then reserve a date for the speaking assessment.

How much do our German courses in Berlin cost?

2 weeks
195 €
160 €
4 weeks
380 €
300 €
8 weeks
730 €
600 €
1080 €
900 €
New students pay an additional one-time registration fee of € 50.
4 weeks
125 €
115 €
8 weeks
240 €
220 €
345 €
315 €
New students pay an additional one-time registration fee of € 50.
450 €
350 €
500 €
855 €
665 €
950 €
1260 €
980 €
1400 €
1665 €
1295 €
1850 €