TestDaF Prüfung Sprachenatelier

TestDaF - German as a foreign language

TestDaF preparation courses

As an alternative to the DSH, you can also take the TestDaF. The exam consists of four parts in which reading, listening, writing and speaking skills are tested. In contrast to the DSH, you can also take the TestDaF abroad and more than once.

After the exam, all participants receive a certificate on which the results for all four parts of the exam are shown separately. The results are assigned to three levels: TDN 3, TDN 4 and TDN 5.

The German universities themselves determine which levels must be achieved to be admitted to the program for a certain subject. Some universities require the highest level TDN 5, most of them require TDN 4. Please inform yourself about the requirements of the university of your choice.

Model tests for this exam can be found here: www.testdaf.de