telc Deutsch C1 Hochschule Prüfung in Berlin Sprachenatelier

telc Deutsch C1 Hochschule (University) Exam in Berlin

Sprachenatelier Berlin is an official telc competence center for universities

telc Deutsch C1 Hochschule tests knowledge of German relevant for university study at an advanced level. The exam is aimed at adults who want to enroll at a German-speaking university and those who are already studying or working in an academic profession and want to prove their knowledge of German. The language test telc Deutsch C1 Hochschule has been recognized since 2016 by resolutions of the conference of university rectors and ministers of education.

You can express yourself fluently and spontaneously. You are familiar with colloquial expressions and can vary the language style in a targeted manner. You maintain a high level of grammatical correctness.

Sprachenatelier Berlin is an official telc competence center for universities. You can find the telc-exam dates here. Please respect the deadlines.

What can you do at level C1?

At level C1 you can express yourself spontaneously and fluently. You are familiar with idiomatic phrases and can vary your style of language as appropriate. You can use the language with a high degree of grammatical accuracy.

How is the telc Deutsch C1 Hochschule (University) Exam structured?

The examination consists of a written and an oral part. The written examination lasts 3 hours and 40 minutes (incl. a 20-minute break). Before the oral examination, you have 20 minutes of preparation time. The oral examination can take place on the day of the written examination or on another day.

ATTENTION: Sprachenatelier Berlin regularly offers extra exam preparation courses for this exam.

Schedule telc Deutsch C1 Hochschule (University) Exam

  • Written exam

    • Reading comprehension: 90 minutes

    • Break: 20 minutes

    • Listening comprehension: 40 minutes

    • Writing: 70 minute

  • Oral exam

    • Speaking: 16 / 24 minutes

Here you can find all current telc exam dates at Sprachenatelier Berlin.

What can you expect with the telc Deutsch C1 Hochschule (University) Exam?

You can find out the details of the exam by looking at the mock examination telc Deutsch C1 Hochschule. This is a complete test (with answer key), which you can try out at home or in your lessons. In addition, you can read about the exam procedure and how the written test and oral performance are rated.

How should I prepare myself for the telc Deutsch C1 Hochschule (University) Exam?

  • Gain language competence in language courses or study on your own. Bookshops have course books that prepare you specifically for the language level C1.
  • Familiarise yourself with the procedure and types of subtests of the telc Deutsch C1 Hochschule examination. The mock examination will help you with this.

You can download for free the practice test for the telc Deutsch C1 Hochschule (University) Exam and the respective MP3-Data.