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Private Language lessons in Berlin

Private lessons - individual and effective language learning

Alongside our regular language courses we at Sprachenatelier also offer Private lessons in every available language.

Begin with our Starter-pack of 14x  45 minutes (7 lessons of 90 minutes) from 490€ (see application form) or pre-book larger study packages. Every 10th lesson hour after the initial 20 hours is free when you choose a larger study package.

Private lessons are the most intensive and effective way to learn a language. Through the newest methods and teaching materials combined with our highly qualified and experienced staff you can learn a language successfully in no time.

How we can tailor your language course to you

Whatever your reasons are for learning a foreign language Sprachenatelier is here to help you achieve your language goals, so during your private lessons you can focus on perfecting pronunciation or writing skills, or focus on your listening/reading skills.

At the beginning of the course we will ask you what you hope to achieve with these lessons, and we will work with you to produce a personalised course plan to achieve these goals.

You'll be able to enjoy your teacher's undivided attention and decide how many hours a day you would like to spend with private lessons as well as the learning materials and learning tempo, in order to make learning as efficient and quick as possible!

From beginner to advanced all levels of language skills are offered in our private lesson courses, and through an entry-level test our staff will be able to see where your language skills lie, where you require the most help and where to focus on filling all the gaps. All of our teachers are highly qualified language teachers with relevant degrees backgrounds.

Of course you're also able to sign up for private lessons alongside your group courses.

  • Starter packet/minimum-hours - 14 hrs (1hr =45 min) / 490 EUR
  • Discounted: After the initial 20 hours, every 10th hour is free. (20hrs /665 EUR, 30hrs /980 EUR)
  • Lessons: minimum of 2 periods per lesson (=90min) or more, lesson times to be discussed.
  • Registration: no later than a week before the desired start date, (the earlier you register, the higher the chance of your desired dates being available), any questions prior to the lesson should be discussed over the phone.

Overview of the language courses at Sprachenatelier

Albanian | Arabic | Armenian | Bengali | Bosnian | Bulgarian | Catalan | Chinese | Croatian | Czech | Danish | Dutch | English | Estonian | Finnish | French | Georgian | Hebrew | Hindi | Hungarian | Icelandic | Irish | Italian | Japanese | Korean | Kurdish | Latin | Latvian | Lithuanian | Mongolian | Nepalese | Persian | Polish | Portuguese | Romanian | Russian | Serbian | Slovakian | Slovenian | Spanish | Swahili | Swedish | Thai | Turkish | Ukrainian | Urdu | Vietnamese


German A1 (special) - creative and lively

German intensive course A1a with theatre methods offers you a unique opportunity to learn German with methods used in the world of theatre and acting. This course covers all skills required in A1a level, so you can switch to “regular” classes afterwards. However, instead of learning by heart you will be learning German by “doing” ...

German Exam Dates in Berlin

Here is all the important information about the following TELC German Exams at Sprachenatelier- Berlin: 2019: 25.+26.01.19, 22.+23.02.19, 22.+23.03.19, 17.+18.05.19, 14.+15.06.19, 19.+20.07.19, 23.+24.08.19, 20.+21.09.19, 15.+16.11.19, 06.+07.12.19

German C2 – Half intensive courses in Berlin

German courses C2 – Half intensive courses Our language school offers all C2 learners the possibility of taking half intensive German courses. The C2 half intensive German courses take place from Monday to Wednesday and are a good option for those students who can‘t visit our intensive German courses ...

German B2 Courses in Berlin

You can attend German courses at B2 level either through our intensive courses or our evening courses. Our B2-German courses – whether job orientated, in preperation for exams or with a focus on studies – run all year round and allow for flexible booking. Learn German the fun and effective way- with ...

Evening German courses in Berlin

Evening German courses at Sprachenatelier Berlin are individually tailored to match the requirements of the student, whatever they might be.

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