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russian courses for all levels in sprachenatelier

Russian Courses - Learn Russian in Berlin

Please be aware that the minimum German language requirement for participation in our foreign language courses is B1.

Click here to register for the Russian courses in our language school. 

The Russian courses provided by our language school offer every student the chance to develop their language skills through a wide range of courses designed to fit all possible learning needs: we offer everything from beginners courses to Russian for travel and business, and private lessons are also available for students who wish to learn Russian in a more personal environment.

The Russian courses offered at our language school run throughout the year based on participant numbers and not, for example, semester dates, which makes sure that every course is accessible and allows for a more flexible routine. In addition, the teachers at our language school are fully certified Russian speakers and are able to provide every student with a high quality learning experience.

Did you know... a Russian ship is used to send all astronauts to the International Space Station, meaning that knowledge of the language is required - British astronaut Tim Peake reported that the most challenging part of his job was learning Russian!

If you already have any understanding of the Russian language, we strongly recommend that you take our introductory Russian exam before choosing your desired course, because this allows us to determine your level and consequently place you in the class which will help you progress best.

Sprachenatelier Berlin, located right in the heart of Berlin-Friedrichshain, is easy to access regardless of whether you live in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, Lichtenberg or Charlottenburg. Check out the school's location here.

Important information about our Russian courses:

Group sizes

  • Evening/part-time Intensive courses: 5-9 participants

  • Intensive/educational-leave courses: 4-10 participants

Teaching staff

  • Dedicated, qualified and native academics

  • Years of experience

Learning material

  • Group courses: All levels, learning materials to be distributed in lessons.

  • One-on-one lessons: after consultation.

Level & Hours of learning

  • Per Level (A1, A2, B1 e.c.t.) approximately 70 to 100 hours

  • Evening courses & part-time courses are divided in sub-levels every 24 hours

  • Completion of a level for example A1: A1.1 – (approx) A1.3

Method of learning

  • Communicative, direct, activity-orientated, active participation, competent-orientated translation of learned material in every-day situations, consideration for the requirements and wishes of participants.

  • Encompassed are: Written and oral expressions, aural and reading comprehensions.

  • Language of teaching: Russian

For more information about our Russian courses please contact us here


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