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Tagalog Private Lessons

Tagalog Private Lessons in Berlin

The focus of Tagalog private lessons is on you and your goals: do you want to learn the everyday Tagalog language? Or do you want to practice Tagalog professional and specialist language? At the beginning of your private lesson, we ask you in detail about your wishes and goals and determine your current language level. We will then work with you to develop and individually tailored training program, which guarantees fast progress!

More important information about Tagalog private lessons at the Sprachenatelier can be found here.

In-person or online Tagalog Private Lessons at levels A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2

  • Starter pack
    10x45 min. (=5x90 min.)
  • Group size 
    one or two people
  • Course duration
  • Days
  • Time
  • Course levels
    A1 - C2