Everyday life in Berlin - that's how Berliners live

From level A1b

A normal day in the life of a Berliner begins with a coffee to go and a ride on the city’s subway. The perfect lunch is a currywurst with fries and after work you meet friends for a beer at one of the many “Spätis”.

In our special course “Everyday life in Berlin - how Berliners live” you will learn and practise very useful things about daily routine in Berlin. Your teacher will explain what “to go” means in German and how to order your perfect coffee. After the course, you can easily buy a subway ticket and know what ingredients are in a currywurst and what these Spätis are, which everyone is talking about.

As a big extra, you get a lot of fun and interesting self-learning material, with which you can learn even more about everyday life in Berlin. With all this you’ll be all set for your next visit to Berlin.

3-day live online workshop + free extra material

from 10:00 to 12:15 a.m.
99 €