Deutsch C1

German C1 Intensive Courses

Advanced Language Proficiency

At level C1, you can express yourself spontaneously and fluently. You are familiar with colloquial expressions and can vary the language style in a targeted way. You maintain a high degree of grammatical correctness. 

You will be able to debate individually or as a group on an elevated language level, about globalization or environmental protection. We will deepen your understanding of grammatical structures, produce and analyze texts, about abstract content. The focus is on written expression, to achieve a level of German writing that is as varied and correct as possible.  This is especially beneficial for pursuing university studies. You will write, summarize and comment on what you have seen or heard. You will give longer presentations. Additional specialist terms will expand your vocabulary for improved listening and reading comprehension. Of course, we will also continue to practice free speaking in class. You will also become familiar with and understand German dialects. 

At the end of the course you can sign up for a telc exam (telc Deutsch C1 or telc Deutsch C1-Hochschule) and receive an internationally recognized C1 German Certificate.