Deutsch B1

German B1 Intensive Course

Advanced Language Use

At level B1 you will be able to communicate in a simple and coherent way in everyday life, while traveling and in your own area of interest. You will be able to report on experiences, describe your goals and justify your views. You can generally use the most important grammatical structure correctly. 

The B1 Intensive course covers topics such as the environment, art or historical events. You will delve deeper into interpersonal relationships and current day-to-day issues. In this course you will also learn new tenses. More complex sentence structures in questions and statement sentences will bring more variation into your conversations.

Together with others you will have the opportunity to practice all this with fun and funny moments that lead to better learning.

At the end of the course, you can additionally register to take a telc Deutsch B1 Exam and receive an internationally recognized B1 German Certificate.