telc Deutsch C2 Exam

C2 German Exam

telc Deutsch C2 tests your knowledge of German at an approximately native level. The exam is aimed at students or graduates in Germany, applicants for professions that require excellent knowledge of German or advanced students of German studies abroad.

You can understand practically anything you read or hear with ease. When you speak, you express yourself spontaneously, very fluently and precisely. You can reproduce information from various sources that you have read or heard in a coherent presentation. You rarely make mistakes.


  • Written exam

    • Reading comprehension: 80 minutes

    • Listening comprehension: 60 minutes

    • Break: 20 minutes

    • Writing: 90 minutes

  • Oral exam

    • Speaking: 15 minutes

Here you can find all current telc exam dates at Sprachenatelier Berlin.

You can find a practice test for this exam under: www.telc.net