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German Courses in Berlin – German language school

Come and learn German in the capital

Whether you are practically fluent or a total beginner, our wide range of German courses allows us to provide something for all levels. The course programme conforms to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), and ranges from Beginner (A1) to Advanced (C2), preparing students for every level of the language certification exams. As a licensed telc examination centre, students can sit their exams here at Sprachenatelier Berlin. We also offer intensive exam preparation courses for the following examinations: Start Deutsch A1 and A2; Zertifikat Deutsch B1, B2, C1; Zertifikat C1 – Hochschule; DSH; Test DaF; Zertifikat C2 – Großes Deutsches Sprachdiplom as well as other career-specific examinations.

Sprachenatelier Berlin offers not only intensive morning and afternoon programmes, but evening programmes which are held twice a week. We also provide students with the opportunity to take specialised German courses which follow the standard 90-minute period lessons but focus on a wider variety of areas. In addition to standard areas of focus such as conversation, pronunciation and grammar, we hold courses focussing on singing, literature, philosophy and medicine.

Flexibility is a key focus in our language school, both inside the classroom and out. We allow students to switch programs if necessary, or to take a break from a course and continue at a later date.


Fun makes learning easy: German in the classroom

Whether your level is beginner or advanced, through our immersion style of learning the only language you will use in the classroom at Sprachenatelier is German. Our classrooms are bright and spacious, with average class sizes of 10 students and a maximum of 14. Our relaxed learning atmosphere encourages students to have fun and be creative and engaged in learning.

All of our teachers are qualified, experienced and dedicated professionals who possess an array of teaching methods and are eager to tailor their teaching to students' particular needs and wishes.


German culture and Berlin: The cultural programme.

Every Wednesday, students at Sprachenatelier go on cultural excursions around Berlin organised by the school. Museum visits, walking tours, public lectures and film screenings expose learners to German culture and offer them opportunities to meet new people and practice their language skills.

This cultural programme is expanded during the summer German courses to include nearby Potsdam and other cities around Germany.

German language skills are further improved with the cultural events we regularly host at Sprachenatelier. Students are invited to attend festivals, readings, concerts, exhibitions, workshops and seminars held in our studio.


Staying in Berlin: Assistance in finding accommodation.

Whether you are looking to rent an apartment, a room in a shared flat or stay in a hostel, Sprachenatelier is glad to be of service in helping you find the right accommodation in Berlin.

For more information and enquiries about our course offerings, email us at info@sprachenatelier-berlin.de