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"Bildungsurlaub" German Courses in Berlin

Learn German during your Educational Leave at Sprachenatelier Berlin

'Bildungsurlaub' is a special type of Educational Leave course in Germany. Employees are entitled to one extra week of paid holiday per year in order to engage in further study or training. Our 'Bildungsurlaub' courses at Sprachenatelier Berlin give you the opportunity to learn German from scratch or brush up on one you already know. Our courses are career-related, accredited and consist of 30 hours of instruction per week.

On our "Dates and prices" page on the site menu you‘ll find course schedules and prices for Educational Leave Courses.

Our language courses comply with the educational leave policy in Berlin. Those employed in Berlin can apply for ‚Bildungsurlaub‘ for the duration of the course they wish to take.

Important information concerning 'German Bildungsurlaub' at Sprachenatelier Berlin:

Our 'German Bildungsurlaub' generally consists of 2 weeks of instruction (60 hours of instruction based on 45-minute units). Courses take place from Monday to Friday starting at 9:30 AM and cost 340.00€ for 10 days.

To register and reserve a place in a course, please fill in the online enrolment form, giving your name and your desired course, then transfer a pre-payment of 50.00€ to the account of Sprachenatelier Berlin (our account number is available upon request.)

The remaining 290.00€ must be paid in cash or bank transfer before the first class at the latest.

Important information about German educational leave for private instruction:

Students are able to choose private tutoring over group courses if preferred.

Please note that the 'Bildungsurlaub' laws in Berlin allows for 30 hours per week in private instruction.

One hour of private instruction (45 minutes of instructional time) at Sprachenatelier costs 35.00€. When taking 20 or more hours of instruction, students receive every 10th hour free of charge. One week of 30 hours of private instruction costs 1925€.

A pre-payment of a minimum of 70.00€ must be made before the first lesson (our account number is available upon request). The remaining amount must be paid in full (cash or bank transfer) no later than the first lesson. Students can also register in person (Mo - Fr, 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM).

Students should avoid scheduling lessons that overlap.

Students who need to cancel a lesson should notify their teacher or the office at Sprachenatelier at least 24 hours in advance or incur the costs of the lesson.

If you would like to take a course, contact us and let us know when you would like to begin, your current level in the target language and what what you are looking to learn from a course.

For more information, send us an email at: info@sprachenatelier-berlin.de or call us: (30) 27 58 98 55.

The location of our language school

Doesn't matter whether you live in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, Lichtenberg or Neukölln, you'll find that our language school is central and easy to get to, right in the heart of Berlin-Friedrichshain. Check out the school's location here.


German Exam Dates in Berlin

Here is all the important information about the following TELC German Exams at Sprachenatelier- Berlin: 15.+16.11.19, 06.+07.12.19, 24.+25.01.20, 21.+22.02.20, 20.+21.03.20, 15.+16.05.20

November 27th, 2019