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telc Zertifikat B2 ("Zertifikat Deutsch plus")

Explanation: The world recognised ZMP ("Zentrale Mittelstufenprüfung") was replaced in Autumn 2007 by the exams "Zertifikat B2" and "Zertifikat C1''

With the certificate 'Zertifikat Deutsch B2' you can prove that you have good knowledge of the German standard language. These language skills mean that it is possible for you to talk and write correctly about many topics and that you can also understand difficult texts.

For the Zertifikat B2 you should have taken part in approximately 590-680 teaching units of 45 minute intensive lessons.

Language learners at level B2 can:

Understand the gist of complex texts that deal with both concrete and abstract themes

Understand a specialist area and the following topic discussion

Fluently and spontaneously communicate so that a normal conversation with a native speaker is possible without any struggle on either side

Express themselves clearly and in detail on a broad range of topics.
Explain a point of view to a topical question and give advantages and disadvantages of the different possibilities

For Whom?

The telc exam Zertifikat B2 is suitable for all learners who would like to document their competence in German or need proof of their language competence at this level. (telc is recognised in various national institutes, colleges and universities)


Exam participants can document their language skills in reference to an internationally recognised scale with a sucessfully taken telc exam "Zertifikat Deutsch plus (B2)". You can prove, that you ''possess a broad spectrum of language knowledge in order to give clear descriptions or reports about the majority of a variety of general themes and express your own point of view.'' Sucessful telc B2 exam participants also demonstrate, that they ''don't noticeably search for words and that they can use some complex sentence structures.'' *

*From the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, teaching, assessment. Munich 2001

When and where?

The Sprachenatelier offers the telc Zertifikat B2 every four weeks. The dates for 2014 are the following: 31.01.+01.02.14, 28.02.+01.03.14, 28.+29.03.14, 23.+24.05.14, 20.+21.06.14, 25.+26.07.14, 29.+30.08.14, 26.+27.09.14, 24.+25.10.14, 21.+22.11.14, 19.+20.12.14

If you are interested in the B2 exam please register here.

The Sprachenatelier also offers exam preparation courses.

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